Rules for conferral of the Jindřich Chalupecký award

The Jindrich Chalupecký Award is intended for young artists who are citizens of the Czech Republic and whose 35th birthday falls on or before 31st December of the calendar year.

The Jindrich Chalupecký Award is given for outstanding artistic achievement in the field of art, and particularly painting and sculpture, that demonstrably reflects an extensive and original talent and may also be judged to be a pioneering contribution to Czech culture.

The Jindrich Chalupecký Award winners are conferred by an independent jury of experts in the field of arts. The jury is appointed by the Committee of the Jindrich Chalupecký Society with regard to proposals submitted by the Society’s founders and board members. To ensure that the Award follows the context of young contemporary art, the jury is appointed for the duration of three years. The jury consists of seven members, including citizens of the Czech Republic and foreign experts with the ideal ratio of 4:3. With regard to circumstances, one jury member a year may be replaced. Membership in the jury is honorary. The Jindrich Chalupecký Society is in no capacity to influence the jury proceedings and voting. Each jury member has one vote; the jury chair has two votes and is always the last member to vote. In the event that an art school professor from the Czech Republic is appointed as a jury member, such a person must abstain from voting if a student attending the particular school of his employment is competing for the Award. The jury is entitled not to confer the award. The juryęs deliberations shall be minuted and a record kept of the voting.

Based on the results of the vote, the jury confers five to six candidates with the highest number of votes. The work of the candidates is made public in an appropriate exhibition space. From the selected candidates, the jury confers the winner of the Jindrich Chalupecký Award for that particular year. The name of the winner is announced and presented with the Award by one of the Award’s founders during an exhibition at a date sometime around November 17.

The Jindrich Chalupecký Award takes the form of an honorary diploma and a sum of money sufficient to allow the winner a residency abroad as the objective of the award is to encourage the artistic development of talented young artists, broaden their outlook and acquire valuable experience. The winner of the Award and the Jindrich Chalupecký Society will sign a contract specifying the dates and location of the residency.

Having been conferred the Jindrich Chalupecký Award, the winner is entitled and obliged to put on an exhibition of his or her work in an appropriate exhibition space during the year following the award ceremony at the latest. Costs of the exhibition and the exhibition catalogue are covered up to a reasonable amount by the Jindrich Chalupecký Society.

The Jindrich Chalupecký Award may be conferred more than once to the same artist. Fresh applicants as well as earlier winners may apply repeatedly. However, award-winners must wait two years before reapplaying.

The Jindrich Chalupecký Award takes the form of a competition to which young artists may apply themselves or be recommended by art experts. The applications should be sent either to the Award jury or to the Jindrich Chalupecký Association at an address until June 20 of the calendar year a date to be announced in the press. Applications and expert recommendations must be accompanied by a maximum of ten color slides of the applicantęs recent work together with extensive details about the artistęs work.
Changes in the Rules for the Conferral of the Jindrich Chalupecký Award as approved by the Committee of the Jindrich Chalupecký Society in March 2002